It is very important to find that right fit for a medically complex child. We at ChildWay suggest making sure that plenty of research is done as to what type of facility fits the needs of the child. We want to make sure the right connection is made between our facility and the child. We encourage families to tour our facility or call for more information to determine if ChildWay is an appropriate choice for their child.

The following frequently asked questions will help aid in the decision process.

Can my child go on outings?

Yes, your child can go outings. We have our own transport team to take the children to various community events and activities.

Does my child go to school?

Yes, your child can go to school. Children are placed in the appropriate age programs through the local school district.

When can I visit my child?

ChildWay is open (24) twenty-four hours and (7) seven days a week. However, we ask if you would be visiting after 8pm or before 8am that you just call first to let us know you will be coming.